Sunday, May 23, 2010

Head removal

Took the head off to solve the oil leaking from the head gasket area. The Gasket was so old that it was "made in England". I wonder if they still make the gaskets there... It was flat and showed signs of leaking coolant and blowing between the cylinders. The advice from the people who will clean up the head was the engine is burning a bit of oil, and we should do a light service without going overboard (or do a total rebuild of the engine). I will take the advice!


  1. Hi JB Vanman -

    That'll certainly iron out the bugs! Remember that the 1489cc 'B' Series Morris JB motor is the same motor that was fitted to the MGA 1500. While you mightn't find a Morris JB head gasket, it will be quite easy to find one to suit the MGA 1500!

    When I had Bugly's head off I found that the valves, valve guides and valve seats were all knackered, so I ended up doing a full head recondition. I had hardened valve seat inserts fitted, so now I can run straight unleaded fuel without having to use a fuel additive.

    Cheers - Bugly

  2. Thanks Bugly, good point on the MGA parts, they are cheap as chips.

    My head was OK, they thought that doing a total job on it would put pressure on the bottom end - causing grief.