Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moss spin on oil filter adaption..

Well, in the interests of easy service of the vehicle I decided to replace the standard BMC oil filter unit (a bizarre contraption which is diabolical to service) with a Moss spin on filter adaptor. The scene below shows the filthy device removed from the vehicle. It spews oil all over the place when you try and remove it from the car - I dont know if there are any easy ways to do it or not - I am sure there are, but I did not know them! I ended up with oil all over the place.Note: Don't do what I did above and have all your oil go into a flimsy aluminium tray that crumples when you try and transfer it into a container for recycling (a very bad idea as my garage floor found out a few moments after this photo was taken). Go straight to a container.

The Moss unit comes with really excellent instructions, I found that because of the cramped chassis arrangement installation was a little different .

This shot is from underneath the car looking up at the old filter spot - make sure you remove the compacted rubber seal. I used a jewellers screwdriver to prise it out from underneath.

Smear some grease on the new seal that comes with the Moss kit, that will hold it in place while you fit the filter adaptor.To deal with the tricky part of fitting the adaptor to the copper pipe, loosen all the fittings at both ends of the copper pipe and the adaptor bolt - this gave me more slack to get some thread into the adaptor without risking cross threading. I then tightened them all up gradually. This saved me getting one of those flexible lines which look a bit too modern for my taste. Here is the old unit below - going cheap!


  1. Gidday mate ... hey, you know the rules! What's the part number and what was the price?

    Mr Magpie's blog showed a similar conversion some time ago, and I was going to go down the same path. But I think he had to modify his a little to suit. I presume yours bolted straight on out of the packet, right?

    Hope Moss Motors had two of them!

  2. A little later ... was this Moss Motors part number 235-940?

  3. Hi Bugly,
    Yes, it was Moss 235-940 - from memory it was $80, but it may have been more, but not much. I was surprised how inexpensive it was. I had them supply three of the spin off filters at the same time, so I have a stock of them in future. I did not have to modify it, it just went straight in. I did read somewhere that there were issues with these filter units not fitting properly, but this one did on my car, it does not leak so far. My goodness the old system was a mess! Impossible to change without getting oil everywhere. My unit was full of sludge, probably because it was so fiddly to change. Turning up the washer to lock the bolt holding the adapter in is a challenge.

  4. Hi again Bugly,
    I purchased the unit from here:

    Do a search on 235-940

    The price is:

    SKU: 10336
    Price: $46.97

    I think the $80 was the total for the extra filters and postage...and a water pump gasket..