Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seatbelt installation shots

Fitted the seatbelts yesterday.  It just fits!  The changes inside the vehicle are all easily reversible by removing various bolts.  Underneath a section of steel was welded in to house the 7/16ths UNF threaded nut to secure the stalk of the belt.  This had the added effect of stopping the seat from swaying all about the place, so that was a nice bonus. 
Some what safer now. 


  1. Well done - you must now have the safest JB Van

  2. Hi JB Vanman - top job! And here I was scratching my head wondering how to fit Bugly's seatbelts! Hard to tell from the photos but I assume the steelwork runs ceiling to floor and is not bolted to the sliding door cover panel along the way. Has this been accepted by the MVR guys? And what sizes are the steel components?

  3. Hi Bugly,
    I went to a specialist roll cage manufacuturer to solve the installation issues. As you are probably aware, there is bugger all to bolt belts to at shoulder height, so spreading the load over a greater area at the top and bottom seemed like a good plan. It is very solid - 2.5 mm steel (the vertical box section too). The threaded holes for the belt mounts are not just nuts welded in, they are special bushes which are about 40mm long (basically they go right through the vertical box section). I did not get the expense of an engineers report for approval. If I sell the vehicle the unit will be removed.