Sunday, November 6, 2011

Core / Welch / Freeze plug failure

Hmmmm, I should be working, but my van was leaking coolant all over the place.  Inspection revealed failing welch plug, so, out it comes.

I better find a replacment, perhaps I will do them all at the same time...

To remove the old plug I drilled a hole in it then levered it out with a punch. 

Very easy job.  Thanks to the Austin 7 page for the info:


  1. Hi JB Vanman -

    Yep, best to do all of them, as they will be in much the same condition. It'd be a shame to replace just one, and then do in another and not pick it in time!

    Cheers - Bugly

  2. Hi Bugly,
    I have taken out the rear one and another, the one at the front of the engine really requires removal of the front of the van, to access the generator etc...

    Yes, I will do the lot. Funny how the parts + delivery were under $15 AUD in brass. So cheap to fix!