Saturday, December 10, 2011

Collecting Christmas trees

A fine day for a drive to collect some festive gear.  The christmas tree seller ran to my van and, like a gorilla, leapt onto the rear bumper while holding the protruding door hinge yelled:
'I spent me child'ood loike dis!'
He went on to recount the bakery vans up in Cheltenham (Melbourne suburb) and how the fleet of 30 JB's were sold of one by one for 50 dollars.
I really must take a voice recorder with me so I can collect these stories, the vans do seem to elicit a lot of emotion in people.
Simian, mainly.

nowhere in particular


  1. About 3.00pm on a Saturday on a road heading east?

  2. Quite right! Yes, not far from Carrum there is a Christmas tree farm.

  3. See? You can run but you cannot hide! Not bad for a bloke who's only ever been to Victoria once, eh!