Monday, April 26, 2010

Nuffield Metal Products

Under the grill on a plate behind the bumper bar was this rusted tag. It seems to say that it is a Nuffield Metal Product

Birmingham England


Not sure if that is a serial or what underneath. I wonder how many of these plates are left on UK vans, with the rust issues there?

I have taken the radiator out to solve the steering box leak and the harmoic balancer oil leak. Slowly, slowly...


  1. Hi Mate,
    That is the body number plate, as you say the body was made in a different factory to the chassis's. Made by Nuffield Metal Products a sub company of Morris. This is the only place you will see this number. Over here it was never quoted on any paperwork. It was not even quoted on the early brass vehicle plate and that had plenty of numbers (engine,chassis,front axle,rear axle etc. What few of these number I have collected do not follow any logic, they are not in line with chassis numbers.

  2. Hi JB VanMan and Mr Magpie -

    Is the number on the NMP plate the same as the "Car" number on the main ID plate on the inside of the van by the radiator cap? Bugly's NMP has rusted beyond recognition, but I'll leave the remnants there!

    Cheers - Bugly

    1. Hey m8. What would a very good one go for in price..just keen to know, because i have one that can be identified with both sides of serial numbers?
      Cheers bro

  3. Factory 3,13-17 Eileen road,
    Clayton South,
    Melbourne ,
    Victoria 3169

    Phone 03 9547 0249
    ​Fax 03 9547 0363

  4. How much would a very good condition one go for guys. Everything can be identified. I just thought someone would know. Cheers people...Shaun