Friday, June 4, 2010

"New" timing cover...

The original timing cover had a felt seal (made of wool?) that "restricted" oil flow. Later BMC vehicles had a rubber seal. I decided to upgrade mine to hopefully slow the oil leaks. You can see the differences in the shot below. The cover can be purchased new for $300 AUD, or a second hand one for under $100, I took the later option!

I fitted the cover and loosely did up the bolts. Then used a series of ratchet extenders and a large socket to tap the crankshaft pulley into place. This (in theory) should help centre the seal and pulley join. I then did up the bolts. Used a paper gasket! Paper, wool, leather - amazing materials they had to use in the old days to prevent oil leaking.


  1. Hi JB Vanman - great conversion, can't beat a rubber oil seal over one of those other felt/fibre things! I'm interested in what the front cover was off to have the same crank size. Was this off a Morris Oxford or Austin Cambridge or similar? Had to be another 'B' Series engine around the same size no doubt. Cheers and keep up the great blog!

  2. Well, apparently it is off an Austin 1800... The MGA people do this sort of conversion all the time. The seal matches the pulley wheel diameter - this might be different from the crank size on later engines perhaps? I got mine from: