Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't mention the war!

Well, I snuck out leaving a sick wife and kids to go to a car meeting.  I will not reveal who the group is until I get answers about the vehicles above.  How is your classic knowledge?  The red one (top two images) is particularly special - check the rear shot for a clue.

Extra points for guessing the grey/green streamlined rear end in the top shot.

The van held up well in traffic.  Some young ladies stopped and laughed openly at the van, (not at me, of course).


  1. Alright, we have some people saying Borgward and NSU, even Saab. Come on, I want to see specifics models!!

  2. Borgward Isabella, NSU Prinz and the grey one could be a DKW/Auto Union 1000?

  3. Green one is a Borgward Isabella, 1958/1959

    Still working on the red one (BMW?)

  4. Yes, definitely an NSU Prinz -

    The one next to it is a puzzle - suicide door on the left side, and may only be 2-door.

  5. Well done there Tim, and everyone, you have got it. the NSU is a TTS, the "ultimate" rally version (note the tell-tale propped up rear bonnet). DKW is a F89 from 1951. And yes, a Borgward!