Sunday, October 10, 2010


The van got her "Roadworthy Condition" report from a mechanic.  Thank goodness. I have booked her in for her formal government inspection for Wednesday this week.  Soon to be fully legal on the road.

My main concern is her carburetor - she seems to cut out when coming to a stop when driving, although she idles fine.  I will have to do some reading...


  1. Gidday mate - the volume control screw under the carby (the spring-loaded one with the knurled end) might be the culprit. It adjusts the richness of the fuel mix at idle or slow running. If it is too lean it will stall, and if too rich it will "hunt" and then stall.

    I think I stuffed Bugly's setting up, as I set it to 3/4 of a turn from fully screwed in and haven't been able to start Bugly since that weekend. If you've got a JB workshop manual, check Section D.2(5) Slow Running Speed Adjustment. If you haven't got a manual, sing out and I'll see you right for one.

  2. Great news on the van, road legal in a few days, great stuff.