Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is the block true?

I ran a straight rule over the block and head.  The head was surfaced last year, so it is not surprising to see that it is pretty flat. 

The block is not so flat (see the streak of light under the rule close to where the gasket blew).  

Hmmm.. not good!  Do I want to take the engine out to get it machined? Not really!

UPDATE: I measured the gap, it was under .002 of an inch, which is in the tolerance range, so I will just clean up the block and try again.  The chaps down at the head joint will clean up the head.  They kindly told me that I had put the gasket in upside down last time... Copper side UP is the correct way. 

They also suggested the spray hylomar gasket prep. on both sides of the gasket before fitting.  Also to countersink the stud holes. 

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  1. Hopefully a new gasket will just fix it. I didn't know you could fit B series gaskets upside down. Its not a good thing on A series engines, they aren't quite symmetrical.