Saturday, July 16, 2011

Head removed...gasket is gone.

Well, I took the head off, and the result was as predicted, a blown gasket between 2 and 3 cylinders.  Why?

And what should I do?  Research...

Noting some online advice about MG heads, I turned mine upside down and filled the ports with kero' to see if any of the valves leak...Still full 10 minutes later, so they are probably all OK.


  1. Gidday JB Vanman - Sure did blow out that gasket! When you check the head for 'flat', make sure you check the top of the block as well. After you put the head back on last time, did you re-torque the head after running it a while? And after re-torquing the head, the tappets need readjusting as they will have changed slightly.

    Apart from all that, I can't suggest anything except get another gasket and start again!

  2. OK, thanks for the tip. I am removing the block studs and going to clean up the block, then run a straight rule across it and see how it looks.

    I will post some photos as I go. Yes, I was planning to re-torque the head very soon, but had not got around to it. Before I took it off yesterday I checked the torque on it, and it seemed fine.

    Should the gasket go copperside down or copper side up?

    Thanks Bugly