Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy on van

Too busy working on the van to post much at the moment. I get about an hour every second night to creep out into the shed and do some work on her.It is a bit hard to see what is going on here, basically I am trying to fix the leak from the diff. Now, this means undoing all the work I had done when I fixed the hub and brakes. Silly me, should have done it right back at the start.

Rather that pull the whole thing out I have simply seperated the halves and will use a suitable gasket goo (rather than a paper gasket). The above set up illustrates how primative conditions are in my shed. Still, it is a fairly easy job, just fiddly. The paper gasket had completely disintergrated. If you look closely inbetween the halves of the diff, you can see the crownwheel (I think) - it is possible to make out a hand written (scribed?) mark on it - "885". I wonder what this refered to, 50 years ago. Also on the wheel was more formally punched in, 8/45 MOWOG.

Not sure what that means.

I will take some shots of putting the axle half shaft back in, I have some work to do on that which will be good to share.


  1. Hi JB Vanman -

    From the JB workshop manual, the 8/45 refers to 8 teeth on the drive pinion, and 45 on the crown wheel. Don't know about the '885'. The original diff had a ratio of 5.625:1 ... this is derived by dividing the 45 crown wheel teeth by the 8 drive pinion teeth.

  2. Hi Mate, nice and interesting, re 8/45 that is the number of teeth on the crown wheel and pinion, 8 into 45 gives you a reduction ratio of 5.625.
    Love the video clip of your damper/shock absorber, that ones well dead.. You must have been bouncing around like a pea in a tin can.

  3. Thanks for the explanation of the stamped code, 8/45 - makes sense, especially regarding the diff ratio.

    I am really enjoying this van! Such a pleasure to work on. I am going to take some time off work to really finish her off.