Thursday, March 11, 2010

The good news is, the bad news is...

The good news is the van has a working flexible fuel hose again. Thanks Wizard hoses of Melbourne. I was able to use the original fittings which is nice.

So, with fuel I am able to test out the oil leaks. I spent a few days really getting stuck into cleaning the engine and diff, the diff has a slow drip right around the main seal, so that is going to be annoying to fix. I took the old gal for a drive (any excuse) to see what and where would drip.

The bad news for me is confirmation of a leak, coming from the head:

So, the engine has two leaks, one from the harmonic balancer at the front, and one from the head. Looks like I better do some research on taking the head off - probably should do a compression test etc first to really find out what the condition of it all is...

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