Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off the road...and filthy

Well, after the thrill of my first drive in the van, reality struck. If I don't resolve some fundamental issues I will not be allowed to drive her. So, onto the menial task of cleaning the underparts of the gal to find the oil leaks. She is a right old oily mess. The breather tube on top of the rocker cover was totally blocked, perhaps this was causing pressure and causing leaks of oil? A falorn hope?

The diff was a real mess, so cleaning that was quite a job. Does this look clean? Would you eat your dinner off it? The blocked breather was hopefully the cause of the oil leak...hopefully. I don't really want to pull this apart to replace the gasket.

So, after all the fun of cleaning her I thought I would take her for a drive so I could then trace the leaks. No such luck, the flexible hose between the fuel pump and carby decided to start spewing out petrol. So, next job is to replace this item. I notice it is a Dunlop hose, I wonder if this is OE?

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