Friday, March 26, 2010

Special tool for installing shockers

An adventurous spirit drove me to develop a tool to install the new shockers. The rubbers are slightly large, meaning you have to compress the rubber to put in the split pin.

Here is the tool I made:Where the split pin goes in, I have a small peice of steel tube with a hole drilled in it. I cut this off where the hole was drilled, so there is a open slot. When the bolts are screwed down this exerts pressure on the retaining washer. After screwing it down a bit, the hole is revealed and you can pop the split pin in. Using wood on the end helps it conform to the bulging bolt end on the other side of the shocker mount. Simply unscrew and the whole lot falls away, leaving it ready to open up the split pin and get on with the next thing.

That was the theory anyway!

One of the shocks was put in a strange way, using a nail for a split pin, and the spacer on the wrong side:

Luckily, the aluminium strip part of the tool fitted in behind the top front shocker mount, so it ended up being a good session (see above).

Not so good was replacing the rubber spring shackle gromits - despite assurances they had plenty in stock, I went to collect them and found that there were only 11, of course you need 16 on a JB van. So, I have completed one side. Will have to wait until next week to get the others.

Incidentally, the people at the shockers place told me that the shocks that I replaced were pretty much identical to the "Toyoace" van of the late 90's. No-where near as charming as a JB.


  1. Hi Mate, Nice tool, I did mine another way. I just undid the nut a few turns, that gave me a few extra mm's to fit the washer and split pin, I then just tightened the nut back up, which pulled it all tight again.
    The pin just has a shoulder on it so you cannot over tighten the nut.
    Are you using the minor leaf spring bushes or the torsion bar bushes?

  2. Hi Mr Magpie - good tip! Should have done that...

    I am not replacing the brass bushes, just the rubber gromits, I think they are Minor parts.

  3. Hi Mate,
    Yes the later shock absorber rubber bushes are the same as Morris Minor Van/Pick up shock bushes. (the actual shockers are NOT the same).
    When you come to do the shackle bushes use the torsion bar bushes (slightly longer) made by people like everflex etc, these will last a life time, the ordinary rubber ones soon fail. I suppose its the modern rubber compound.