Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clutch and brake master cylinders...

These units were pretty terrible, I just whipped them out. It was all done under the van - not easy to get the camera in there. It is pretty straight forward.

Don't muck about with the mechanical linkages, the pistons of both master cylinders are activated by a simple rod that sticks into the front of them. Just disconnect the hydraulics, unbolt the units and remove them by sliding backwards. Avoid making work for yourself!

The end result is a bucket of bits looking like a fishing catch.


  1. Great site, JB Vanman!

    I also have a 1958 JB Van, and you are right in your post below ... the front badge should be "MORRIS" and no badge on the rear door. Lights are switched at the ignition key light switch, and dipped from the switch on the horn button. The extra windows, the additional seats and the tow bar are most likely after-market items. But what a good looking van!

    Cheers - Bugly

  2. Thanks Bugly,
    Like your site too!