Thursday, February 11, 2010

Notes on shipping a vehicle from NZ

I shipped the van from New Zealand (Christchurch) to Australia via .
They did everything they said they would and were open about the costs. I would suggest that anyone considering shipping a vehicle check the costs very closely. There are many items to consider (get quotes for each step, they add up, and some items were an expensive eye-opener to me, such as the "return empty container" charge) :

  • Inland Trucking to Depot
  • Overseas Freight
  • Overseas Port Charges
  • Overseas Handling
  • Container Loading & Trucking to Wharf
  • Overseas Storage
  • Marine Insurance including Policy
  • GST payable to Customs
  • Port and Statutory Charges
  • Transport to Depot from Wharf and return empty container
  • Depot charges/Unpack Container
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Fees
  • Customs and AQIS Formalities re Motor vehicle
Be prepared to spend around $6K Aud (3K UK pounds - probably more for UK because everyone seems to be comfortable about being totally ripped off there)

A note about insurance. Get photos of the entire vehicle - even the roof. You can see that my van has deep scrapes in the roof - was this from being pushed into a tight fitting container? I don't know and do not have any evidence to suggest it was, however, without good photos before and after arrival, I cannot make a claim on this. Take shots or ask the seller to take shots.

I would like to stress that the company I used was courteous, went out of their way to help me and were open to answer any questions I had. They understood the love people like us have for older vehicles and took my concerns seriously.

Like any contract, make sure you ask the right questions and check your invoices closely. Hopefully the list above will help others.

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