Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspection of the JVan!

The van arrived and looked pretty good, it was in better shape than other projects I have picked up over the years.

A few things jumped out at me - the brakes were totally seized, putting your foot down had no effect.

It was pointed out to me that there were certain aspects of the car that were odd, or at least unlikely to be original features. These included:

MORRIS - COMMERCIAL badge on the front grill panel. A JB van should be just MORRIS, apparently. Perhaps the grill was substituted, or the badge?

Morris Commerical badge on the rear left door - should it be there?

The lights are controlled by a switch on the "dash", rather than the rotating bakelight switch around the key hole.

Towball - an official Morris Commercial one, or just a bolted on home made job? It looks good and is wired up with a fairly modern connector.

Side windows? From the report it says the vehicle was registered to carry up to 5 passengers. Perhaps this was originally a bus variant? There are side holes cut into the van, two on each side. They are blocked up on the outside with a large strip of cement sheeting. Under the respray paint it is possible to see a raised line - perhaps this is left over window rubber glue?

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  1. Love the blog, video was not working but I will be back to check it out later.
    Badges, front and rear badges were for the side-valve version, once the "B" series engine fitted (56/57) they changed to just Morris or just Austin if Austin 101 version. As you say side and headlamps should be operated by the rotary switch around the ignition switch. Looking forward to reading much more, magpie.