Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is this my van?

My van has the cement sheeting on the sides, underneath are cut outs - possibly window holes. Photos of a van with registration DT4114 appear to exist. There has been speculation that this van is actually my van (thanks to Harvey Pitcher for the photo)-
The image of the van during restoration looks very much like my van. The top photo is interesting - you can see through all three side windows. This would not be possible on most vans because of the internal door shroud. I put my hand inside my door shroud and found, yes, a covered hole.

Perhaps the front grill panel and side door shrouds were sourced from an earlier J type, not a JB type? This could explain the front grill badge being from an earlier vehicle.

I quite like the top image - I wonder how hard it would be to go back to 3 windows...

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  1. Hi Mate,
    Its all coming together. Just to let you know all brake parts are available including copper brake pipe sets and handbrake cables. Front brake cylinders, washers, banjo bolts, brake linings and shoe adjusters can be had off the shelf, you just need to know what to ask for! Keep up the good work.